About Us

We Know ‘Y’

If you don’t manage your reputation, somebody else will.  Left unchecked, it’s easy to forget who you are and what makes you remarkable.  Gradually, you lose focus and attempt to become all things to all people — outcomes are unclear and objectives uncertain. The results are a rapid decline in efficacy and a diluted brand with diminishing value. Suddenly, your brand is irrelevant and you have no idea why.

keydiscovery® is a reputation management and brand positioning system, designed to help you discover why. “Why” is your brand purpose and “purpose” is our passion. Our keydiscovery BPS satellites are probing the universe to unlock the honest beliefs and opinions about your brand and the purpose you serve.

[Note:  pScore®is a proprietary machine-learning algorithm and autonomous performance review designed for the agile, adaptive, distributed and disruptive economy.  pScore eliminates ambiguity, accentuates integrity, evaluates relevancy and creates context in the cloud.  Using a process of triangulation, pScore will realign and reaffirm three brand prerequisites: purposepromise, and position .]

Enlighten and Empower®

Our mission is to align people with purpose and connect reputations to results that matter.

Our vision is to make life work more meaningful and relevant

We value ACTION. This simple acronym provides a basic framework for who we are and how we operate our business.

  • Audacity – be bold and courageous
  • Curiosity – be inquisitive and shameless
  • Transparency – be candid and open
  • Integrity – be a brand people can trust in
  • Ingenuity – be inventive and resourceful
  • Objectivity – be impartial and sensible
  • Necessity – be economical and indispensable

We declare “be bold, ask y®” because we believe when people know “why,” they can achieve more — work becomes more meaningful and relevant.  Our purpose is to help people discover “y” and experience the joy of relevancy.

Keith A. A. Lue
Founder, Chief Exploration Officer

Read more about Keith’s vision on how to make a difference and be relevant or watch the video on YouTube.