Our words are more than a simple platitude…

Mission – is what we do: We align people with purpose and connect reputations to results that matter.

Vision – a transcendent description of something epic or transformational: We make lifework more meaningful and relevant.

Values – the beliefs and behaviors that are core to our culture: Audacity, Curiosity, Transparency, Integrity, Ingenuity, and Necessity — ACTION

Purpose – is why we exist: Our purpose is to help people discover “y” and experience the joy of relevancy.

Promise – is what we claim we do: Make lifework more meaningful and relevant.

Position – how we are relevant in the minds of our consumer: Autonomous performance reviews, gap analysis, brand productivity and efficiency, pScore®.

Strategy – an action plan for how we do it:  Using a patent-pending, proprietary, machine-learning algorithm, we enlighten and empower®

Goal – is an achievable and measurable economic outcome: We will develop the master algorithm that accurately and computationally measures brand authenticity, relevancy, and efficiency for our members.

Functional Need – is a useful and practical consumer need: We facilitate and curate meaningful connection.

Emotional Need – is a demonstrative, affective, heartfelt need: We validate people.

Social Need – is a desire to associate:  We validate and facilitate meaningful connections of like-minded people.

At keydiscovery®, we verify purpose and validate people. When others say “x”, we ask “y”?  We’re focused on “why.”