Our words are more than a simple platitude…

Mission – This is what we do: We align people with purpose and connect reputations to results that matter.

Vision – This is what we aspire to do or become: Make lifework more meaningful and relevant.

Values (Culture) – These are the beliefs and behaviors we believe are the most important: Audacity, Curiosity, Transparency, Integrity, Ingenuity, and Necessity — ACTION

Purpose – This is why we exist: Our purpose is to help people discover “y” and experience the joy of relevancy.

Promise – This is what we say we will do for our customers: We will find you a reason and a reputation to remember.

Strategy – This is how we plan to do it: enlighten and empower®

Goal – This is a measurable outcome of what we expect to accomplish: Our SMART goals are: specific, measurable, achievable, results-driven, time-based
We will measure brand authenticity, relevancy, and efficiency.

Functional Need – This is a basic customer need: We verify purpose.

Emotional Need – This is a need based on feelings: We validate people.

Social Need – This is a basic human need to belong:  We socially validate and facilitate purposeful connections of like-minded people.

At keydiscovery®, we verify purpose and validate people. We’re focused on “why.”  When others suggest “x”, we ask “y?”

keydiscovery BPS™ (brand purpose score)

Focus –


Authenticity – what we say is what we do
Relevancy – what we say and do matters
Efficiency – we deliver results that count