Make a Difference, Be Relevant

I have often thought, about what I was taught, back in my old-school days.

Reminiscing; thinking about, that old-familiar phrase.

“Make a difference,” do something, is what they always said.

“Good intentions we’ll never lack,” the memories still etched in my head.

The world needs a few more people that really give a care

A friend, a guide, a mentor, a moment or two to share.

People need social, intellectual, moral development.

Physical, spiritual, human development, it’s all relevant.

Relevancy is what really matters; it’s what gives us energy

Gives us purpose, sparks our passions, connects humanity.

It creates an emotion, which increases devotion; we know that it’s the key.

To making a difference, to living our lives, each day more meaningfully.

People are searching for more meaning, more authenticity.

Experiencing feelings of isolation (disenfranchisement), searching for identity.

Personal, emotional, occupational, autonomy

Trying to find purpose, finding spirituality.

One day, I met somebody, somewhat miraculously,

I said, I found your story, what a work of glory, can you help me was my plea.

She said, I’m sorry, can’t help you now, good luck, I wish you well.

Wasn’t the answer I had prayed for; what now Dear God, please tell?

I found a new perspective, a real-life epiphany.

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least

of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” -- Matthew 25: 40

Yes, If you want to make a difference, good timing is the key.

If you want to make a difference, serve others more willingly.

Got involved, feeling unity.

Building social capital in my community

In the web of humanity, inter-dependence, and general reciprocity,

Get connected with purpose and take action

Avoid mediocrity, avoid distractions

Make the most of each day and make a difference – Be relevant!

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