If you don’t manage your reputation, somebody else will.  Left unchecked, it’s easy to forget who you are and what makes you remarkable.  Gradually, you lose focus and attempt to become all things to all people, outcomes are unclear and objectives uncertain.  Now, an abundance of ambiguity stifles productivity and develops into an advanced state of "mission creep." Soon, a rapid decline in efficacy and a diluted brand with diminishing value. Suddenly, your brand is irrelevant and
— honestly, you have no idea why — 

We are keydiscovery®, a performance management and brand affirmation company.  We know "y."  We developed a next-generation autonomous performance review; a machine-learning algorithm and a recipe for economic success.  Our key performance indicators (KPIs) are not only more meaningful and measurable but laser-focused on your most visible "y" — your reputation.  We’re eager to be a guide-on-the-side and invisible hand in your "moments of truth;" to analyze, optimize,
—  enlighten and empower ® people on purpose


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Our purpose is to help people discover "y" and experience the joy of relevancy.

Purpose – Why we exist, our cause
Our purpose is to help people discover “y” and experience the joy of relevancy.
Mission – What we do each day to achieve our purpose
Our mission is to align people with purpose and connect reputations to results that matter.
Vision – What we aspire to accomplish sometime in the future
Our vision is to make life work more meaningful and relevant.
Values – What we honestly believe matters most (our secret sauce)
We value ACTION, Audacity, Curiosity, Transparency, Integrity,
Ingenuity, Objectivity, and Necessity.

Mantra – What we want to be known for, our tagline
Enlighten and Empower ® People on Purpose
Promise — What we promise our brand will do for others
We promise to be a virtual guide-on-the-side and invisible hand to enlighten and empower® people on purpose.

Goal – Our specific, measurable, achievable, results-driven, time-based, SMART goal
Our goal is to make life work more meaningful and relevant for 2,020+ member/subscribers by December 31, 2020.

Strategy – How we plan to achieve our goal

  1. Restore confidence with reliable context-in-the-cloud

  2. Analyze, optimize, enlighten and empower people on purpose

  3. Deploy pScore®, a patent-pending, machine-learning algorithm to gauge alignment and affirm relevancy

We value ACTION. This simple acronym provides a basic framework for who we are and how we operate our business.

  • Audacity – be bold and courageous

  • Curiosity – be inquisitive and fastidious

  • Transparency – be candid and open

  • Integrity – be a brand people can trust in

  • Ingenuity – be inventive and resourceful

  • Objectivity – be impartial and sensible

  • Necessity – be economical and indispensable

We declare “be bold, ask y®” because we believe when people know “why,” they can achieve more — work becomes more meaningful and relevant.  Our purpose is to help people discover “y” and experience the joy of relevancy.

Keith A. A. Lue
Founder, Chief Exploration Officer


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